City of McAllen

Full Phase II Re-Opening


Directive: U.S. President Donald Trump and Texas Governor Greg Abbott have both indicated a strong continue re-opening the U.S. and Texas economies on a limited / safe basis. On May 18, 2020, Governor Abbott announced Phase II of the plan to Open Texas.

Please see below for specific guidelines related to establishments that should / should not be open, and specific requirements for each type of establishment.  Also, please find a copy of the “City of McAllen Safe Business Commitment Form” – a document which your business will be required to print, sign, and post publicly where your customers can easily see it.

City of McAllen Safe Business Commitment Form

·       The above form must be printed out, signed, and placed in an extremely visible location where it can be seen from the front door of the business (on the front door itself is acceptable)

·       This form is designed to serve as your business' commitment to adhere to federal and state guidelines for re-opening, and also serves to show that same commitment to your customers and their health

·       McAllen Code Enforcement Officers will be looking for this Commitment Form in all open businesses



Business Type


All Employers and Employees

All Individuals


Bar Patrons

Barber Shops

Barber Shop Customers

Bowling Alleys / Bingo Halls / Simulcasting / Skating Rinks

Bowling / Bingo / Simulcasting / Skating Customers

Child Care Centers

Child Care Families

Churches / Places of Worship

Church / Worship Attendees

Cosmetology / Hair Salons

Cosmetology / Hair Salon Customers

Day Youth Camp Operators

Day Youth Camp Families

Driving Schools


Gyms / Exercise Facilities

Gym / Exercise Facility Patrons



Massage & Personal Care / Beauty Services / Tattoo Parlors

Massage & Personal Care / Beauty Service / Tattoo Parlors Customers

Movie Theaters

Movie Theater Customers

Museums & Libraries

Museum & Library Visitors

Nail Salons / Shops

Nail Salon Customers

Office-Based Employers

Office-Based Employees

Parks / Beaches / Bodies of Water

Outdoor Sports Participants

Outdoor Motorsports


Overnight Youth Camp Operators

Overnight Youth Camp Families


Restaurant Customers


Retail Customers

Rodeo / Equestrian Events


Single Person Offices


Tanning Salons

Tanning Salon Customers

Waterpark Operators

Waterpark Visitors

Wedding Venues

Wedding Attendees

Wedding Reception Venues

Wedding Reception Attendees

Youth Clubs

Youth Club Participants

Youth Sports Operators

Youth Sports Families

Zoos, Aquariums, Natural Caverns

Zoos, Aquariums, Natural Cavern Visitors

Summer Programs (From Texas Education Agency)

Graduation Ceremonies (From Texas Education Agency)

Professional Sports without In-Person Spectators