Development Corporation of McAllen, Inc.

The Development Corporation is a non-profit corporation that administers money from a 1/2 of 1% local sales and use tax. It was created after an election held in May of 1997 and operates according to Section 4B of the Act. The Corporation is overseen by a board made up of City Commissioners, a representative of the Mayor's Office and a member of the City Attorney's office.Funds are used for a wide range of programs and projects that benefit the City of McAllen and the quality of life for our residents. Some projects stem from the original ballot language from 1997 (Section 4B of the Act) while other projects are added over the years through the appropriation process which the Development Corporation Board approves during the annual budget. The Development Corporation was organized and operates under the laws of the State of Texas. The City Commission of the City of McAllen appoints the members of the Board of Directors of the Corporation and under the provisions of the Act and the Corporation's by-laws is required to approve certain actions of the Corporation, including the issuance of the Bonds by the Corporation.

Advisory Board Agendas

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December 12th, 2016PDF172.26 KB03 Feb, 2017 Download
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December 7, 2015 minutesPDF283.44 KB05 Jan, 2017 Download
August 3, 2015 minutesPDF161.33 KB05 Jan, 2017 Download
July 20, 2015 minutesPDF231.09 KB05 Jan, 2017 Download
April 6, 2015 minutesPDF107.51 KB05 Jan, 2017 Download
March 2, 2015 minutesPDF176.12 KB05 Jan, 2017 Download
February 24, 2015 minutesPDF92.89 KB05 Jan, 2017 Download
January, 25th, 2011PDF403.21 KB17 Sep, 2013 Download