Bond Projects: Roadway Improvements

Bicentennial (Trenton to 107)

Project being designed by Halff Associates, Inc. Ninety percent (90%) plans are in development. The Draft Environmental Assessment is complete. A formal Public Hearing is scheduled for May 3rd. Preliminary utility relocation and coordination continues. Project letting is scheduled for November 2018.

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Dove (41st to Bentsen)

Design and utility coordination tasks continue. Preliminary Environmental documentation has been submitted to TxDOT. Project is awaiting roadway functional classification from Federal Highway Administration. The project is currently on hold pending funding assignment.

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Kennedy (Ware to Bentsen)

Formerly Erie Road extension project. Design is being done in-house and is at 30%.  Right-of-Way acquisition ongoing with 1 parcel remaining to acquire (agreement in progress).

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29th Street (Oxford to 107)

Project design by Dannenbaum Engineering.  Roadway design and ROW acquisition is complete. The project was awarded by City Commission on October 23, 2017 to 2GS, LLC.  Notice to proceed with construction was issued on January 19, 2018.

Construction Company:          2GS LLC
Current  Contract:                    $ 2,758,585.32
Contract Days:                          350 Working Days

Construction Status:   A total of 4,000 LF of storm sewer pipe has been installed and waterline construction is under way. Pending are the remainder of the storm sewer, water line and utility crossings within Irrigation District ROW and crossing underneath 29th Street. Road closure has been approved between the limits of Mile 6 ½ Rd. and Sprague Rd. Contractor is currently working on paving improvements within the limits of the closure. Two irrigation valves were found to be within the pavement. Irrigation district would like City of McAllen to relocate the valves. Engineering Dept. is awaiting costs for these valve relocations. Residents and the Edinburg, Sharyland and McAllen school districts in the area were notified of road closure via a message board and flyers that the contractor has hand delivered.


Auburn (10th to Main)

ROW acquisition is complete.  Project is under design by Melden and Hunt as part of the Northpark Village Subdivision Development Agreement. The Developer is also responsible for the construction of the roadway. 

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Wisconsin (2nd to 7th)

Project constructed by private developer as part of the Embers Subdivision improvements.  City costs associated with project $401,256.15.  Construction was completed January 2016.

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On hold, pending ROW acquisition.