TxDOT Update on Bicentennial and 12

CSJ: 0039-17-180 IH 2/US 83 & Bicentennial Blvd

•  Contractor:                          Anderson Columbia Co., Inc.
•  Limits of work:                   IH-2, From FM 2220 (Ware Road) To McColl Rd
•  Limits of work:                   Bicentennial Blvd, From Jackson Ave to Uvalde Ave
•  Scope:                                   Interchange Improvements
•  Contract Days:                    610 Days (3 Years)
•  Estimated Completion Date:                   December 2019
•  % Complete:                   33%


Bicentennial Bridge Progress

• Continued work on permanent and temporary retaining walls for the Bicentennial Bridge Approaches.

• Work on embankment for the bridge approaches.


10th Street & 23rd Street Bridge Raising

• Bridge raised June 3, 2018 & June 6, 2018

Contractor working on the permanent 23rd/Main St WB Exit.

Upcoming Changes in Traffic:

• ACTIVE Lane closures: (Weather permitting)

    • WB Main/23rd Street exit closed. 3-5 months

• UPCOMING Lane Closures: (Weather permitting)

    • Bicentennial Blvd Demolition

        • Bicentennial tentatively set to close on Sunday, August 12, 2018 at 9PM.  This will be in prep for the Overpass demolition that is scheduled for August 19, 2018.  This process will consist of nightly main lane & frontage road closures during overhead work.

  • Bicentennial Update 1

Figure 1- Facing East toward Main St- Working on retaining walls for Bicentennial approach

  • Bicentennial Update 2

Figure 2- Bicentennial Bridge Approach. Temporary wall on Left, Permeant wall on Rt.

  • Bicentennial Update 3

Figure 3 - Approach West of Bicentennial Blvd. Working on Embankment Rt.

  • Facing West

Figure 4 - Bicentennial Blvd- Facing West. Working on bridge overpass approach

  • Facing East

Figure 5 - Bicentennial Blvd- Facing East. Working on bridge overpass approach & Bridge foundation