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In Person: Visit us at 221 S. 15th St McAllen, TX (Corner of 15th and Chicago)
Payment Window is open Monday-Saturday from 9:00am to 6:00pm

Downtown McAllen Parking Services is responsible for the management of the Downtown Parking Garage, compliance of parking regulations, and taxi/transit code enforcement. Available parking consists of 437 parking spaces in the parking garage, 379 spaces off-street and / or surface lots, and 1181 spaces on-street. Enforcing parking regulations in all commercial areas contributes to pedestrian safety and a smooth flow of traffic.

  • Parking Enforcement

    Monday – Saturday from 9:00am to 6:00pm

    A vehicle may be impounded with or without citation and without giving prior notice to its owner under the following circumstances: The vehicle is parked in the public rights-of-way or on other publicly owned or controlled property in violation of any law, ordinance, or regulation, and there are three or more parking citations issued against the vehicle that have not been responded to, either by payment of the penalty or appearance at a hearing.

  • Parking Garage

    Located at 221 S. 15th St in Downtown McAllen is open 24 hours / 7 days a week.

    Parking Rates: $1.00 for the first hour and $0.50 for every hour after (Max $5.00 / day).

    Note: Overnight parking is $5.00 / day and allowed for up to 60 Days.

  • How to Pay for Parking

    Pay at a pay station (for use on Main St. only) by entering your license plate number at the pay station to start your parking session. Pay with a credit card or coin (except pennies). Paper currency is not accepted at the pay station. (Max 4 hours).

    Parking Meters On-Street Parking Meters QUARTERS ONLY are $0.25 cents per ½ hour (Max 2 hours).

    Off-Street Parking / Surface Lots Meters QUARTERS ONLY are $0.25 cents per hour (Max 10 hours).

     If a parking meter has a red bag on it, you may not park at this meter. If an unauthorized vehicle is parked on a red-bagged meter, the vehicle is subject to being cited. 

     Pay by mobile payment app via Park Mobile, with your mobile phone number or email address, set up payment and add your vehicle license plate(s). In the app, start a parking session and locate the zone number for where you are parking. You can find the zone number on posted signs, on the front of a pay station, or on a single space meter. If you turn on location tracking in the app, the zone number will automatically populate.

    Malfunctioning Pay Station or Parking Meter: If you have experienced a problem with a parking meter, you may report the malfunction by calling (956)681-3525. You will need to know the parking meter number located on either the front and/or back of the meter. If you deposited a coin in the meter and it did not register any time, and if there are not any other signals displayed, see a meter attendant or call the number shown above.

    Note: You are still responsible for ensuring that there is time on the meter before leaving your vehicle. 

  • Complimentary Parking

The following military veterans who have the proper identifying symbol or wording on license plate of vehicle, or a sticker permanently affixed to the front or rear window of vehicle will not be charged to park in any parking space:

Disabled American Veterans, Medal of Honor Recipients, Pearl Harbor Survivors, Former POWs and Purple Heart Recipients.


  • Disabled American Veterans
  • Medal of Honor Recipients
  • Pearl Harbor Survivors
  • Former POWs
  • Purple Heart Recipients

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