Health & Code Enforcement

The Environmental Health and Code Enforcement Department will continue to accept web based permits for Garage sales at  If you are a new user you may register for a free Online Permit Portal account.  It only takes a few simple steps. 



The Health & Code Enforcement Department is charged with the enforcement of the Environmental and Health Code within the city limits of the City of McAllen.

Comprised of Health Inspectors, Code Enforcement Officers, Code Enforcement Analyst, and Administrative Staff, the Health & Code Enforcement Department’s mission is to protect and promote the Health, Safety, and Wellbeing of all citizens. We strive to ensure safe food for the public, an environment free of hazards and illegal solid wastes, vibrant neighborhoods, and to promote sound environmental practices and procedures. We carry our mission efficiently, effectively, and professionally with respect and dedication to all citizens.

Environmental Health Specialists are charged with overseeing the safety of the City of McAllen’s food establishments, cafeterias, food trucks and any establishment or event that sells food to the general public. Environmental Health Specialist are commonly known as “Health Inspectors”, and they conduct food safety inspections as well as educational activities within the city.

Code Enforcement Officers are the primary contact for land use complaints and are responsible for enforcing city ordinances. Code Enforcement provides a safe community, vibrant neighborhoods, and promotes a healthy environment for our citizens and visitors. Code Enforcement also helps the public understand their rights and obligations, as well as working with other government agencies to promote community goals.

A Code Enforcement Analyst acts as the “Imagine Tomorrow” liaison to various non-profit groups, the private sector, and existing property owners to help improve the City of McAllen’s Residential Housing Stock. The Imagine Tomorrow Program is an Economic Incentive program that targets Substandard, Vacant residential structures and Empty Lots in the City of McAllen by offering full demolition, development, and home repair incentives or grants to property owners.

A Vector Control Team, comprised of Health Specialists and Code Enforcement Officers, is deployed when the presence of disease carrying Mosquitoes is detected in the city. The City of McAllen has a proactive Mosquito Control Surveillance Program in partnership with Texas A&M Health Science School of Rural Public Health, Texas A&M Agrilife, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, University of Texas at El Paso. This partnership allows laboratory research groups to study mosquito species and especially to learn about those species that may carry Mosquito Borne Diseases.