Advisory Boards

SIGN-UP to Serve Your Community

The City of McAllen is continuously seeking volunteers to serve on various city appointed advisory boards and committees. Requirements include:

Requirements include:

  1. Being a resident of the City (By City Ordinance Ch. 2)
  2. Being a registered voter (By City Ordinance Ch. 2)
  3. Complying with the required training pursuant to the City’s Ethics Ordinance 2006-68 encompassing Ethics, Open Meetings and Open Records Training within a set period of appointment;
  4. Attending 50% of regular and special meetings (By City Ordinance Ch. 2); and
  5. Submitting a complete application to the City Secretary’s Office.

Appointments are made by the Mayor and City Commissioners. Certain boards/committees require knowledge and expertise in a certain industry.

We need your help to better serve the community. Make a difference and be a part of the boards and committees to help make this happen.

Online Application

You are now able to complete and submit your Advisory Board application online!  Applications are valid for 1 year from the date they are submitted.  Please click the link below to begin.

Advisory Board Online Application

Ethics Training