The City of McAllen Recycling center was founded on the vision of creating a city wide environment where recycling and environmental responsibility is deeply ingrained in our city culture. 

Our mission is to provide our residents with educational support, recycling tools and service that will allow our residents to accomplish our city goals.


The City of McAllen Recycling Center accepts the following recyclable items.

Cardboard, Paper, Plastics (code #1,&#2), Aluminum Cans, Tin, and Glass.

City of McAllen Residents are allowed to use our recycling center’s Bulky Waste Drop-Off.

The following items are allowed.


Sofas, Mattresses, Etc.


Bulky Toys

Kids Pools, Plastic strollers, Play Houses, Etc.


Tires (5 per month for residents)


Refrigerators, Stoves, Ovens.

(Refrigerators must be tagged by technician assuring refrigerant was removed.)

Items NOT allowed to be dropped off.

Construction Debris, Clothes, Hazardous Waste.


Additional Services

Paper Shredding

The City of McAllen Recycling center offers free paper shredding to residents and non-residents.

E-Waste Disposal

Electronic devises are allowed for drop off at our recycling center for residents and non-residents.

Crushed Glass

Crushed glass is available for purchase by residents and non-residents. The cost of the shredded glass is 2 cents a pound. Containers are not provided.

Compost and Mulch

Mulch and compost are sold to residents and non-residents at our recycling center. For more information please call 956-681-4050