Site Plan Review

Example of a site plan

What is a Site Plan

A site plan is a drawing that is accurate, legible and is scaled to dimension showing uses, structures and improvements proposed for a parcel of land. Typical components of a site plan include lot lines and dimensions, setbacks, buildings, streets, driveways, landscaping, impervious coverage, signs, dumpster locations, fire hydrants, utilities and easements.

Do I Need to Create a Site Plan?

If your construction proposal within the McAllen city limits requires you to complete a building permit application you will be required to create a site plan. The amount of information and the level of detail required for a site plan depends on the type of application you are submitting. Larger projects requiring board approvals will be accompanied by a detailed site plan. A single-family permit on the other hand would generally not require the same detail of information.

All commercial, industrial and multi-family development applicants are encouraged to request a pre-application review conference. The purpose of the conference is to discuss the basic site plan, off-street parking, landscaping, signs and other city ordinance requirements, utilities and drainage, and to consider preliminary features of the proposed development.

What is Considered in Reviewing a Site Plan?

When submitting a site plan, applicants should keep in mind that the project will be carefully reviewed to determine how the proposal relates to the specific site, and how it affects its neighborhood and community. The city's review of the site plan assures that the development fits with the surrounding area and supports adopted community goals. The proposed use must comply with ordinance requirements and the site must be able to physically accommodate the proposed use. The city ordinance requirements are available for review in the city website at municode.

What is Typically Required for a Site Plan?

It is important to show all of the following information on the site plan so the Planning Department can quickly process your permit.

  • Legal description of property to assure compliance with subdivision regulations
  • Site address
  • Scale of drawing (for example 1" = 20')
  • North arrow
  • Property lines and dimensions
  • Names, location and surface type of streets and alleys adjacent to your property
  • Location and dimensions of all existing and proposed structures
  • Distance from property lines to all existing and proposed structures
  • Distance between buildings
  • Total square footage footprint of all structures
  • Total quare footage of the property
  • Location, dimensions and surface type of driveways or parking areas
  • Location and description of any significant topographic features such as large trees
  • Location and dimensions of all easements
  • Type of occupancy, e.g. medical office, restaurant, retail, warehouse, etc.
  • Some projects may require additional information including but not limited to separate landscape plan, irrigation plan, utility layout and trip generation and/or traffic impact analysis

How Much Does it Cost?

Application fees vary depending on the type of review required.Please check with the Planning Department to find the current fee schedule.

Who Approves the Site Plan?

The site plan can be approved by either the planning staff or the Planning and Zoning Commission, a city of McAllen advisory board.