Standard Design Guide for Public Infrastructure Improvements

The Engineering Department is committed to providing a high quality of life by ensuring properly designed and constructed infrastructure for those who work and reside in the City of McAllen. The condition of streets, sidewalks, driveways, storm drainage, water, and sanitary sewer facilities play an integral part in the everyday life of motorists and pedestrians. By responsibly designing, constructing and maintaining quality infrastructure, the City of McAllen reduces its financial burden from personal injuries and damage to property caused by premature failure of facilities.

The Standard Design Guide for Public Infrastructure Improvements was prepared to assist planners, designers, engineers and architects during the development of infrastructure improvements in public rights of way by standarizing design criteria. For easy access, the Standard Design Guide may be viewed by sections using the links below.

Addenda 1 (4/5/23) Dumpster Enclosure Details

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These documents will be reviewed and revised as necessary in order to adapt to the dynamic nature of infrastructure improvements as well as reflect advances and innovations in standard design practices. It is the responsibility of the user to obtain the most recent revision.