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How To Guide ApplicationPDF5.73 MB16 Jan, 2018 Download


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FY 2019-2020 Action Plan until 6-3-22PDF5.61 MB25 May, 2022 Download
FY 2017-2018-action-plan_until-6-27-22PDF1.11 MB25 May, 2022 Download
2019 Draft Document_May 2022(R)PDF7.69 MB13 May, 2022 Download
1QTR2022_SLFRF Compliance ReportPDF628.43 KB29 Apr, 2022 Download
DRAFT FY 2021-2022 Action Plan_until 4-4-22PDF739.35 KB02 Mar, 2022 Download
DRAFT FY 2020-2021 Action Plan_until 4-4-22PDF932.34 KB01 Mar, 2022 Download
DRAFT FY 2017-2018 Action Plan_until 4-4-22PDF1.07 MB01 Mar, 2022 Download
DRAFT FY 2016-2017 Action Plan_until 4-4-22PDF769.50 KB01 Mar, 2022 Download
DRAFT FY 2018-2019 Action Plan_until 4-4-22PDF428.67 KB01 Mar, 2022 Download
American Rescue Plan - SLFRF Compliance Report December 2021_R1PDF14.32 KB02 Feb, 2022 Download
Proposed American Rescue Plan - Stimulus Capital Projects (1)PDF146.52 KB02 Feb, 2022 Download
CAPER_Draft 11-1-21PDF5.31 MB01 Nov, 2021 Download
FY 2021 AAP Draft 11-1 through 12-2PDF9.22 MB29 Oct, 2021 Download
FY 2018 AAP Draft 11-1 through 12-2PDF7.62 MB29 Oct, 2021 Download
FY 2020 AAP Draft 11-1 through 12-2PDF5.36 MB29 Oct, 2021 Download
PY 2021-2022 Action Plan DraftPDF1.56 MB21 Apr, 2021 Download
Draft 2019-2020 APPDF13.78 MB06 Apr, 2021 Download
Citizen Participation Plan_DraftPDF150.38 KB06 Apr, 2021 Download
Draft of FY 2017-2018 Proposed AmendmentPDF4.27 MB12 Jan, 2021 Download
Draft of FY 2019-2020 CDBG-CV AmendmentPDF668.05 KB12 Jan, 2021 Download
CAPER DraftPDF1.74 MB04 Nov, 2020 Download
DRAFT_FY 2020-2021 Annual Action PlanPDF25.15 MB24 Jun, 2020 Download
DRAFT_FY 2019-2020 Annual Action PlanPDF8.26 MB15 May, 2020 Download
DRAFT_FY2018-2023_CPSPDF13.84 MB14 May, 2020 Download
DRAFT_Citizen Participation PlanPDF184.42 KB14 May, 2020 Download
Draft 2019-2020 One Year Action PlanPDF975.46 KB03 May, 2019 Download
FY 2017-2018 Action PlanDOCX7.56 MB12 Dec, 2018 Download
FY 2018-2022 Consolidated Plan and StrategyDOCX16.02 MB28 Nov, 2018 Download
FY 2017-2018 CAPERPDF3.99 MB01 Nov, 2018 Download
How To Guide ApplicationPDF5.73 MB16 Jan, 2018 Download