Proposition 3 - Parks, Recreation & Open Space Improvements

Baseball complex

The development of sport facilities for the citizens of McAllen is part of the 2013 bonds. The project will include the acquisition of land at 29th and Five Mile to develop a 16 field youth Baseball Complex. The first phase of this project, included in the bond proposal is for 12 fields, with walking trail, concession, lake and playground. The second project recommended is to develop 6 girls softball fields at Municipal Park. These fields will be used for Girls Softball. Municipal Park development will include additional parking concession and playground.


Project Estimates
Youth Baseball Complex at 29th & 5 Mile $11,000,000
Municipal Park Improvements - Girls Softball $4,000,000
Bond Election $15,000,000
  • Multi-use convertible fields for adult & youth baseball games
  • Walking & jogging trail
  • Modern concession stands
  • Modern restroom facilities
  • Playground
  • Additional parking
  • 2013 Parks & Recreation Softball Program - 449 Adult Teams (Approximately 7,000 participants)
  • Girls Fast Pitch Program - 40 teams (600 participants)
  • Revenue producing: renting facility for outlying organizations, tournaments