Bicentennial Blvd. Hike & Bike Trail Pedestrian Bridge at Lark Blvd.

This project consists of the purchase and installation of a pre-fabricated steel truss pedestrian bridge. The bridge crossing will span the existing drainage ditch along Bicentennial Boulevard and facilitate east-west access to the existing Bicentennial Hike & Bike Trail.

Construction Company: Tabeza Holdings, LLC.
Original Contract: $160,143.85
Original Contract (Days): 100 (working)

Construction Status: A pre-construction conference and subsequent pre-construction site visit was held on October 13, 2017. The contractor has submitted engineering shop drawings for the bridge structure. Upon Engineering Department approval of the shop drawings, a lead time of 8 to 12 weeks is anticipated for bridge fabrication. The contractor will proceed with construction of the concrete bridge sub-structure during this period.

  • Proposed Pedestrian Bridge Landing: Viewing West at exiting crosswalk
  • Proposed Pedestrian Bridge Envelope: Viewing West; Hike/Bike Trail in foreground