Anzalduas International Bridge NB Inspection Station

The project is proposed to be funded through Coordinated Border Infrastructure Program administered through Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT).  The City would seek reimbursement from TXDOT for the project cost. 


Construction Company: Spawglass Contractor, Inc.
Original Contract : $2,778,395.00
Change Order: $0
Original Contract (Day’s): 200
Contract End Date: June 27, 2019 – April 24, 2020
Change Order (Day’s): 0

High mast lights are still stored on the west side of construction/site. Plumbing trench north of the existing booths has been saw cut and traffic rated plates are being utilized in areas with direct vehicle or foot traffic. The electrical stub outs for the three tech medians (LPR & RPMs) were observed with no exposed electrical trenches; all are backfilled. Ponding water located west of Booth 4 has gone down from yesterday's site visit but site is still fairly saturated.