Westway Heights Drainage Improvements (HMGP DR-4223-016)

This project consists of the installation of approximately 7,000-linear feet of storm drain pipe within Westway Heights Subdivision. The proposed system will then connect to a proposed reinforced concrete box culvert that outfalls to the proposed storm water detention facility.


Construction Company: NM Contracting, LLC
Original Contract : $2,438,795.75 
Change Order: $86,100
Original Contract (Days): 145 – Working Days 
Contract End Date

Sept. 16, 2019 (revised to Nov 13, 2019)

Change Order (Day’s): 58

Construction Status: During the month of September, Public utility adjustments are ongoing and new storm sewer installation continues with approximately 6700-LF of pipe installed, and approximately 700-LF of 7-ft x 4-ft RCB culverts.