City Manager


Roel Roy Rodriguez, P.E., M.P.A., City Manager


Jeff Johnston, C.E.M., Assistant City Manager / Deputy E.M.C.


Michelle Rivera, AICP, CPM, ICMA-CM, Assistant City Manager


Joe Vera, CECD, CFEE, Assistant City Manager

The City Manager oversees all city departments with the aid of three Assistant City Managers, along with support staff. The Assistant City Managers monitor various departments assigned to them and report directly to the City Manager. When it comes to projects from the various city departments, the City Manager's office monitors goals, missions, spending and budgets. The City Manager is also known as the Chief Budget Officer, overseeing all of the finances for the City of McAllen.

The City Manager is also an ex-officio member of the following Administrative or Advisory Boards:

  • McAllen Hidalgo International Bridge Board
  • Anzalduas Bridge Board
  • Development Corporation of McAllen, Inc.
  • City Audit Committee
  • Firemen's Pension Fund
  • Ambulance Committee
  • Museum of Arts & Science
  • McAllen Industrial Foundation
  • McAllen Economic Development Corporation